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Top Ten Tuesday 11/24/15

Top Ten Fictional Families I Want to Celebrate Thanksgiving With

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The following fictional families are the ones I'd want to celebrate Thanksgiving with the most, and are not in any specific order. 

Note: Some of these families would not actually be celebrating Thanksgiving, given their location/time era, but I'm still including them. 

1. The Weasley Family (Harry Potter)

I just think that the Weasleys would be so fun to celebrate Thanksgiving with.  Not only would the food be absolutely to die for, but I would really enjoy getting to immerse myself in the magic of the wizarding world.  

2. The Schreave Family (The Selection Series)

One word for you- FOOD. I just remember America describing the food at the palace when she first showed up, and now I would love to try their lavish meals.  

3. The Camp Half-Blood Family (Percy Jackson)

I would really enjoy getting to go to Camp Half-Blood and be able to ask all my questions and experience the Camp Half-Blood magic for myself. Of course, when I say family, I do literally mean family, since they are all related. 

4. The Lightwood Family (The Mortal Instruments)

When I say family, I think I'd include Clary, Simon, Magnus, etc. etc. in this, just because I'd want to be able to talk to all of them.  It would be so cool to meet Shadowhunters and see the runes- you know?  Of course, I'd be pretty intimidated at the same time. 

5. The Sargent Family (The Raven Cycle)

Okay, how could I say no to a family of psychics?  Blue's quirk, awkward, all-knowing family would make for the single most interesting Thanksgiving dinner! 

6. The Dunwoody Family (The Books of Elsewhere)

Mrs. and Mr. Dunwoody would be so hilarious to listen to!  I've always found The Dunwoody family to be one of my favorite fictional families, and not only would I love to be able to listen to the Dunwoody parents talk mathematician talk, but just being able to visit the Dunwoody's house, and talk to Olive would be so fun! Plus, I might get a peek at one (or all) of the cats. 

7. The Campbell Family (The Underland Chronicles)

Getting to spend the Thanksgiving holiday with Gregor's adorable family would be so great.  Just being able to spend time with a family that's so tight would be really heartwarming.  (Plus I could bombard Gregor with questions about the Underland.) 

8. The Lovegood Family (Harry Potter)

Sure, it might be a small group, but it would certainly be an eventful one! I'd love to see what traditions they have, and try their unique food. 

9. The Meminger Family (The Book Thief)

Liesel's quirky family would be really great to spend Thanksgiving with. I would just love to be able to talk with them all. 

10. The Potter Family (Harry Potter)

I would really enjoy celebrating Thanksgiving with the early Potters. And Sirius. And Remus.  I love how much they all love each other, and I think Thanksgiving would be a very happy, joyful holiday.

So those were my Top Ten Families!  Let me know what you think, and feel free to link your Top Ten Tuesday 11/24 below. 

Disclaimer: No artwork is mine.  All pictures are linked to their original sources. 


  1. I love your take on this TTT! The Weasleys wold be so much fun to have Thanksgiving dinner with - they're expert at throwing family feasts. :D Great list!

  2. Some great families on your list!
    My TTT:


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