Saturday, May 7, 2016

Conversations: Why We Blog

Hey all! I'm jumping in on this new, fortnightly feature called "Conversations" hosted by Joan @Fiddler Blue and Geraldine @Corralling Books. The aim of this feature is to inspire discussion and interaction between bloggers. You can find out more here

This fortnight's topic is "what pushed you to start blogging and why do you continue to blog?". So, now that our introduction is done, why don't we jump into this topic? 

Why Did I Start Blogging? 

I started blogging in mid October of last year. It wasn't a spontaneous decision, I actually thought about it for probably a month or so before I actually created my blog. But anyway, I was about a month into my (new) school, and I found the workload to be manageable. I began to review books on Goodreads, and discovered that I really enjoyed it. However, it's rather difficult to get recognition on Goodreads for your reviews, and I didn't really like the overall atmosphere in the reviewing section on Goodreads. So, I picked myself up, plopped down on Blogger, and spent an afternoon coming up with a good blog name, theme, and layout. Then I just began to write. My blog has undergone quite an amount of changes since then. I completely redid my theme, for starters, and the quality of my posts, I feel, have gone up. (Or, at least, I'm trying.) My reading base has slowly grown, and I've met so many amazing people! 

Why Do I Continue?

I continue blogging because there's no reason for me to want to stop. Through blogging, I've been able to self teach myself HTML and coding. Obviously, I'm no expert, but I certainly know and understand more about it than the average person my age- or any age really. 

Not only is that awesome, but my writing has improved greatly. Whether it's sentence structure, word choice, or just general flow, my writing has gotten so much better. Plus it's good way to be actively practicing my writing. 

Oh and the people! You hear this a lot, but it's so true. I've met so many amazing people through blogging, and I'm so thankful for that. Half of you live half a world away, but it's so great that I get to talk to you. 

I just love immersing myself in this world of people who love to read and aren't afraid to go all out when expressing their love for reading. It's been six months since I started, and the time has flown by. I wouldn't trade this awesome opportunity the internet has given us all for the world, and a huge thank you to everyone who's already been a part of it for me! *blows kiss* 

Why do you blog, and what keeps you going? And if any of you took part in this fortnight's Conversation, let me know in the comments, and I'll definitely check it out! 

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