Monday, March 21, 2016

Lady Midnight

Title: Lady Midnight (The Dark Artifices #1)
Author: Cassandra Clare
Genre: YA Urban Fantasy
Pages: 668
Rating: 5 Stars
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Emma Carstairs has been searching for answers ever since her parents were killed five years ago. But, for the first time, pieces of the huge puzzle come together, and Emma begins to realize that her parents' murders might've been linked to something much, much bigger.

Is there anyone out there who didn't like this book? Honestly, it was absolutely amazing. I was pulled in from the very start, and in love with these characters instantly. Cassandra Clare doesn't fail to bring us that lovely, fast paced plot woven in with smaller sub plots, and I was definitely invested in them all.

Let's start with the characters. Something I was worried about was reading something from a whole new set of character's perspectives when Jace and Clary and crew were still alive and present, but the characters of Lady Midnight were just so beautiful and profound, and I, like I said earlier, fell in love with them instantly. Our main character, Emma, is feisty, sarcastic, and funny. Sarcastic characters are always some of my favorites, and Emma didn't disappoint. I found myself laughing at a lot that she said. Our other main character is Julian, Emma's parabatai. His life revolves around his deep love for his siblings and Emma. He's an artist not only when he's painting, but with every way he lives his life. He's just so driven by love and devotion, and it's a beautiful quality to have. 

I enjoyed almost all of the relationships developed in this book. They seemed real, genuine, and true, and I found myself immediately standing behind the different pairings as they came up. There was one or two that I simply didn't feel any actual emotion between the characters, but I'm wondering if perhaps you're not supposed to like the coupling. All personal preferences aside, the relationships were beautifully developed. 

Another thing I loved was how involved Edgar Allan Poe and his works were in this book. Edgar Allan Poe is my favorite poet of all time, and I was thrilled to see his poem Annabel Lee show up in this book. Plus, all the chapter titles were lines from the poem, which I also found rather cool. 

This entire book was just perfect, and it's going to kill me to wait a whole year for book two. I 100% recommend this novel to you, as long as you've read TMI and TDI (unless you're okay with getting spoiled), and I know it won't let you down. 


  1. I can't wait to read this one, but I am trying to read the rest of the other series first. I am not sure what is taking me so long.

    1. It's a pretty lengthy series, considering how many sequel/prequel series there are- but it's definitely worth it to read them all before Lady Midnight!

  2. I can't wait to read this one, but I am trying to read the rest of the other series first. I am not sure what is taking me so long.


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