Sunday, April 24, 2016

RYBSAT Round 8

           Hey guys! I'm excited to announce that I'll be participating in RYBSAT for a second time this year! If you haven't heard of RYBSAT, it's a reading marathon created by Miranda over at BooKss101. RYBSAT stands for Read-Your-Book-Shelf-A-Thon, and it takes place from May 1st to May 8th. In this reading marathon, you choose any location on your bookshelf/random stack of books, and try to read as far as you can from that point onward in one week. If you get to a series, you can skip it as long as you read at least one book from the series. You're also allowed to rearrange your shelf before the marathon begins, and TBR shelves are permitted.

You can check out the official announcement video filmed on Miranda's channel here:

If you're interested in joining in on RYBSAT, be sure to follow their Twitter, because the challenge is run heavily through Twitter. There's practically always a sprint being run by one of the hosts, and they actively retweet all of our TBRs and updates. Make sure to use #RYBSAT whenever you're tweeting about the challenge. 

Lastly, let me know if you're planning on participating in RYBSAT round 8! I've done it before, and I can assure you that it's tons of fun!

Happy Reading,


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