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Five Seven Six

Title: Five Seven Six (The Boy with Words #2)
Author: C.E. Wilson
Genre: YA Contemporary Fantasy
Pages: 200
Rating: 4 Stars
Source: Received from the author in exchange for an honest review
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White Frost can't stand being confined to her underground colony. She longs to live and breathe in the world above her- in Kes' world. But it soon becomes apparent that she must choose either or. She cannot continue to split her time between above and below. She cannot continue to lie to keep herself safe, for the truth has seeped out.

This is the second book in C.E. Wilson's series The Boy with Words. I reviewed the first book, Five Seven Five, back in December, and I really liked it! The conclusion was no different. I thoroughly enjoyed reading Five Seven Six. In order for me to substantially review this novel, though, I will be including some minor spoilers for Five Seven Five. If you've not read part one and do not want any form of spoilers, I would refrain from reading this review.

Like before, I find the whole concept of this novel to be very unique. I've never read anything before where the protagonist is a tiny, teeny human- but isn't aware of it. Watching everything from White's point of view was very interesting, considering we, the readers, are more like Kes. I enjoy the pacing of the plot. I finished it pretty quickly, and enjoyed every moment of it. I found every plot twist believable and every cliffhanger addictive. 

I'll say that I think I prefer White and Kes as friends as opposed to in a romantic relationship. I just find that they seem a lot closer when Kes is looking out for White as a brother, not a boyfriend. Of course, the way C.E Wilson writes this, I feel like you're able to form your own opinions and allow them to actually apply to the book. 

Once again, I have to appreciate White's love for the little things in life, as well as her no-nonsense, confident aura. She's a very independent character who doesn't take "no" for an answer. The other characters are also nicely crafted. Kes continues to be the dorky, sensitive boy we loved in part one. And Salt is still one of those characters who seems good, but when you look closer, is a little more complicated than that. But on top of these characters we met in part one, we meet a few other characters. For example, we meet Kes' father- which introduces an interesting conflict that involves a complicated father-son relationship. (It reminded me of the relationship we saw between Park and his father in Eleanor and Park.) Anyway, I enjoyed the new and old characters in this book. 

If I had one complaint to make, it would just be that the dialogue got a little repetitive. Like, characters tended to over-reiterate themselves. But that was it, and honestly, it wasn't a big problem for me. 

Being a conclusion novel, I must give my thoughts on the actual conclusion. Which is to say that I was definitely satisfied with it. Often times books with dystopian qualities (such as this one) end with a vague, ambiguous ending that doesn't really leave me feeling like I just completed a series. This one did. I won't tell you anymore (spoilers!) but I definitely enjoyed it. 

So you should definitely read Five Seven Six, and if you've not read Five Seven Five at all, then I would certainly recommend starting it! It's a fantastic book, and I really did enjoy it. Four stars to C.E Wilson. 

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